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At Upperman's, we use only the best Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis systems and water filtration for your home and business. Aqua Systems has been the trusted name in quality water since 1959. Whether it's problem water you'd like to fix, small or large softeners or a whole house system, we can help. Our experts will walk you through the options and availability of our Aqua Systems Products.

Softener- Electronic Demand

Electronic demand water softeners are the traditional two-tank softening method. They use metered water usage, which manages the flow and regenerates based on usage. Because it is not a constant running system, it will save on salt and water usage. This is a very economical and eco-friendly system that works well in all applications. There is very little electricity use and it comes with a capacitor back up which eliminates the need for a battery backup.


Water that has high amounts of Iron and Sulfur does not only smell bad, but can also build up in your pipes, ruin your laundry and discolor your sinks with rust. This chemical free process uses added oxygen to increase oxidation, therefore increasing the filtration. This system is typically used for homes with ground water wells and very simple to operate with low maintenance needs If you’re tired of the smells and stains, worry no longer because we can help.


Ultraviolet Sterilization

Ultraviolet Sterilization is used in many disinfecting areas such as medical supplies, air filtration and of course, water filtration. The UV light uses short wavelengths to sterilize the micro-organisms as they pass through the light. This is the most popular choice of sterilization today and is typically used for well water usage. Upperman’s will help you determine the correct sized system needed for your home or business so that you can have clean healthy drinking water every day.


Chlorination is an option for water disinfection although it is typically used for commercial applications. It is available in liquid or pellet forms.

Reverse Osmosis – Drinking Water System

Reverse Osmosis systems have 3 steps: Pre-filtration, the Membrane and the Final carbon filter. The pre-filtration removes the large particles, silt and rust from the water before it sends it to the membrane. The Membrane is a very fine filter that allows only Hydrogen and Oxygen through while rinsing away minute particles. Once you turn your tap on to retrieve water, it goes from the holding tank through the final carbon filter to create a fresh and delicious glass of water. This system is used for both public and well water users. When you’re ready for water the way it should be, give Upperman’s a call!

Upperman’s Water Treatment Systems guarantees professional service on all of your water treatment needs. Call today to schedule your free estimate, free consultation and free water testing. We can also set up your scheduled system maintenance and salt delivery.