• Iron & Sulfur Filtration

Iron & Sulfur Filtration

Indicators of an iron or sulfur problem in your home's drinking water can range from staining of bathroom fixtures and laundry, damage to pipes due to build up, and an offensive odor. Homes which rely on ground well water for their water supply are more likely to experience an iron or sulfur presence in drinking water.

Upperman's Water Treatment Services uses a chemical-free process for iron and sulfur filtration that utilizes oxygen to increase oxidation that in turn increases filtration. This filtration system is a popular solution for homes reliant on well water and requires little maintenance. This method has proven to work very well and is currently replacing manganese greensand filters that were once the most common iron and sulfur filtration method being implemented.

With this method, an air injector is installed between the pump and pressure tank that draws air into the water. This influx of oxygen causes the iron to oxidize which then forms rust particles that can be strained out by a filter. With over 40 years of experience, the experts at Upperman's Water Treatment Services can assist you in determining the best water treatment solution for your home. Contact us today!